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Welcome Message from the President of Women and Democracy
Association, Assoc. Prof. E. Sare Aydın YILMAZ

The Women and Democracy Association (KADEM), in collaboration with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, is delighted to be organizing and hosting the “2nd International Women and Justice Summit” on 25-26 November 2016 in İstanbul.

KADEM has been active since 2013 and carries out work on an academic basis on a national and global scale. We aim to find effective, sustainable solutions to problems that affect not only the women of our nation, but women around the globe. The decision to hold “International Women and Justice Summit” is a result of these efforts; this summit will create an arena in which both national and international developments concerning women’s rights and women in the context of human rights can be analyzed and discussed. The aim is to establish a common mind and perceptive.

The “2nd International Women and Justice Summit” will coincide with November 25, the International day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Ministers in charge of portfolios concerning women will be attending from Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia, as well as senior officials from the UN, the European Commission, CEDAW and officials from organizations across Turkey and around the globe, including NGO representatives, activists and academics from a variety of different cultures.

In terms of Women and Justice, the main issues of the summit, where we search for theoretical and practical solutions to the problems of the women worldwide by placing gender justice at the core, have been specified as “Syrian Women Refugees”, a humanitarian problem which effects the whole world deeply nowadays, and “Women in Peacebuilding Processes” in order to draw attention to the intermediary role of women.

With the slogan “Speak Up for Justice!” on November 25 we will invite the whole world to pursue justice for women worldwide by standing against any sort of violence. I wish an efficient and fruitful summit to all the participants of the International Women and Justice Summit, offering effective solutions to the common problems of women.

I firmly believe this summit will shed light on the problems of women in Turkey and across the world.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. E. Sare Aydın YILMAZ
President of KADEM

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